How Premature Ejaculation Is Not Astrological and Other Interesting Facts and Tips

A little while ago, about a month or so before I stumbled upon the premature ejaculation (PE) treatment that ended it for good for me, I was doing some research online on the causes and other general tips on premature ejaculation when I came across something unbelievably interesting.

Although it’s been more than two and half years since then, I can still recall that strange thing I read because it was unlike anything about PE I had ever heard of before, plus it also made me giggle in a not-so-funny way!

This was an article on one of those astrological websites with lurid pink and purple colours and zodiacal figures in the background. In essence, what the writer was saying is that how fast a man ejaculates during sex was a function of what astrological sign he was born under, with those whose fates fell under the Sun Signs being the most prone to fast ejaculation.

If a Libra Male reader, therefore, chose to believe it, that meant he’d always ejaculate too soon because the stars made him that way. Lucky for me, I’m a Water Sign male; it was easier to extinguish the idea from my mind that way.

Now, I’m all for freedom of expression, and even though, judging from the tone of the piece, the writer was actually being serious with his thesis, this was clearly a cock and bull story. And while this idea might sound unbelievable, you’d be surprised how many other crazy ideas about PE are out there!

The truth, on the other hand, is that early ejaculation follows a known and predictable logic. For one thing, ejaculating as early as possible during sex, way before a woman climaxes, is more natural than you’d think because it’s nature’s way of propagating the species; it is the male body’s way of making sure that the seed is planted. This is procreation imperative.

By this logic, early ejaculation during sex is not a problem per se. It starts to become the problem we refer to as PE when it starts to come between you and your being able to sexually satisfy your woman. If your woman requires fifteen minutes of penetrative sex to become satisfied, for instance, and you can only last for three, then you have a problem in your bedroom department.

The great news is that, even though fast ejaculation may be the body’s natural response for effective reproduction, your body and psychology can still be trained and reconditioned to enable you to last as long as you need to be able to satisfy your woman.

They do differ in quality and convenience, of course, but there are several treatment approaches that offer this kind of training and reconditioning. The one I used back then was in the form of an information product that I found online; but whatever treatment option you opt for, here are important tips to keep in mind when you find it and are ready to begin your reconditioning process:

1. The first thing you have to do when solving any problem is to have a positive outlook toward it. Once you’ve made your decision, any form of cynicism and negativity are only going to detract from your efforts- and even make things worse. From the point you begin the treatment, it’s important to stop looking at the treatment process as some kind of burden, but rather an opportunity to train yourself to become a better lover.

2. The second important thing to heed if you truly want to become a master at controlling ejaculation is to first try to understand how it works. I think it’s impractical to expect to learn to control something that you don’t even fully understand. This means that you have to make sure you find a product that explains this part well to begin with.

3. It’s important to have realistic expectations on how long it could take to end the problem. With good products, and depending on individual cases, this could take a week to several weeks. In order to get lasting results, you need to build your mental and physical tolerance for sexual stimulation. You have to get familiar with your body’s responses and develop control over them, and this could take a bit of time.

4. It’s equally as important to have realistic expectations and goals about how long you’ll last in bed. I think the adult entertainment industry and Hollywood have both played a central role in creating a specious notion of how sex should be: something that’s supposed to be perfect every single time, with the man going like a stallion for hours without stopping or ejaculating! The fact, however, is that over 90% of men can’t have hardcore sex for an hour straight without stopping or ejaculating. In adult films, for example, apart from the fact that there is a lot of stopping and resuming that won’t appear in the final edited cut, these male stars get paid to have sex- being able to control and last very long is part of their job description. What I can guarantee you is that these men have put in hours of practice to be able to pull off what they appear to be pulling off so effortlessly, something that you too can condition yourself to do with the right training.

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